Ganoderma (RG and GL)

Ganoderma (RG and GL)

RG and GL Ganoderma is 100% pure Ganoderma mushroom extract (Ganoderma Lucidium) and is widely known as the “king of the herbs.

The Reishi Gano and Ganocelium made by DXN are the finest available. The mushrooms are grown and processed under strict environmental controls at a state-of-the-art facility in Malaysia, and exported to countries throughout the world.

The DXN Company is certified organic and holds all the major certificates for Quality Assurance and Environmental Management in manufacturing and processing.  It has Lloyd’s ISO Certificates, GMP and Halal Certificates, and is listed on the Australian Therapeutic Goods register.

So you can be assured that when you do decide to try the DXN Ganoderma products, you’re choosing a highly concentrated and top-quality all-natural product, made by a Company that’s proud of its reputation. We know that you’ll like the results.

RG & GL is taken in pairs. i.e. 1 RG +1 GL, 2 RG + 2 GL, etc. and should be taken, preferably on a empty stomach, in the morning and at night. The dosage varies and depends upon the health condition, which may vary from person to person. Suggested Use: 2 to 4 pairs per day.

When the body is unwell it may be necessary to take larger doses of Ganoderma. This  being the case you maybe interested in the Mycodiet >>>

Recommended Dosage Regime

RG and GL 2 x 90 Capsules

Ganoderma Lucidum (Mushroom Powder) 450mg
Ganoderma Lucidum (Fruit Body Power) 270mg

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