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Dean Ind

Wonder Herb is a Natural Health Store. We source and distribute natural health products that may assist in reversing serious illness. We get a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure from helping people find better health and lifestyles.

Hi my name is Dean Ind, I reside on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

My story goes like this:

I used to suffer from constant muscle pain, tiredness, headaches and the normal things like flu’s and cold’s.  I just accepted that this was my normal life, little realizing how wrong I was.

A friend suggested I take Ganoderma to help me detox.  Not being accustomed to herbal remedies and natural health, I was pretty skeptical.  But must admit I am skeptical at the best of times, my friend suggested “What do I have to loose and to give it a go for 6 months and see what happens.

Well, I agreed to give it a go. That was 5 years ago.  The Ganoderma worked!  And I haven't suffered from headaches, muscle pain, tiredness, flus, colds etc. The way I realised it was working is that I normally am not a big drinker but once every two to three months I may have a few to many and the next morning I suffered the dreaded hang over. Well in the first 6 months of using the products particularly the (Ganoderma RG & RL) I woke up to my amazement with no hang over, whereas even if I had say 6 drinks in the past years, I would wake up feeling sick.

But his wise advice led me to investigate this herbal business further.  After all, if it could help me with all the above and haven’t been sick since it might helpothers!  Maybe there might be something in what people were saying, “Prevention is better than cure" rather than simply taking a “Pill for Every Ill”.

Fast-forward a few years.  That friend of minemet Dr Lim, the CEO of DXN, who had dedicated the last 20 years of his life to researching the benefits of Ganoderma and natural health.  After the feedback from my friend and experiencing my own benefits and also all my friends that now take it and seeing what it has done for them, now I was totally convinced that there was a lot to be said for eating well and keeping one’s body alkaline by taking Ganoderma.

Since then a seeing first hand the positive effects that Ganoderma has had not only on my own health but also on so many other people’s health and overall well-being.  I wanted to spread the word.

So I want to introduce this Wonder Herb website and a business model 180PV to help others' achieve the results I have.  I'm very passionate about Ganoderma - I believe in the product whole-heartedly.  And it is with pleasure that I bring you this site. It's my attempt to do what my friend did for me so many years ago.  To steer those of you who may be suffering health issues - and those who are 'sub-healthy' - in the right direction when it comes to looking after your body.

Now please don't get me wrong!  I'm not a zealot, and I'm not suggesting that Ganoderma is a magical cure for every disease known to mankind.   But I do believe that the overall benefits of consuming Ganoderma on a regular basis does have a positive effect on one's health and wellbeing.

And I look at the promises of many proprietary medicines and get-rich-quick marketing schemes and know now; there is a better way.

I hope you find the site helpful and if I can be of further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have no doubt that the average person in the western word is killing themselves prematurely simply due to what they eat and the lifestyle they follow.  I earnestly believe that after reading this and then choosing to take control of your health that you'll not be one of them.

Thank You,

Dean Ind
Owner of Wonder Herb.