Thank you for the Ganotherapy E-Book

Thank you for the Ganotherapy E-Book you have sent me. I have been searching on different websites on how to keep our body healthy and always at its peak, until I found DXN RG and GL. I am very much thankful for these wonderful products for me and my family have benefited a lot.
Thank You so much!

Joy Galvez

My Heart Burn is Cured

Written by James Cocburn
What the heck is in this stuff? I started taking ganoderma just 5 days ago for heartburn that I have had for years. Every time I had a beer or wine I would get heartburn. I tried all sorts of other pills and concoctions that only worked for an hour or 2. I have also noticed that I feel much better overall. All I can say is that if you get heartburn attacks you should try ganoderma as it has cured my heartburn.

I googled and researched the Reishi Mushrooms

Written by Angela Kirby
I decided after much thought and with time off in early January this year that I would take myself up to Living Valley Springs for the fantastic health retreat that they offer. A wide variety of people came along, some who just wanted a top up their health, a few wanting to loose weight, those who were very sick and others time out. Many services were a part of the package and ten days later I walked out feeling on top of the world in all areas. And my year has opened itself up to many bountiful blessings as a result, it has been a very big year.
They had a shop where the naturopathic products were kept out the back and in the sales area other items for us clients of which I went to view on a few occasions. And to ask questions and learn more about what they offered aside of what the naturopaths spoke about, of whom each of us are assigned a naturopath to monitor our progress as a part of the program. Each night we had various talks on our health & Gary Martin the Co-Founder of Living Valley Springs spoke about the Ganozhi Mushroom toothpaste, that it had a variety of "Amazing" healing qualities, the best on the market. With that in mind I thought "I am onto it right away", even though I wasnt all that fond of mushrooms I was willing to give it a go!! It refreshes my mouth and certainly is palatable and no bad taste whatsoever.

I googled and researched the Reishi Mushrooms and I had also been to see David Wolfe when he came into the country who had also spoken about them so I felt I must be on the right track as there was no side effects, no problems, no chemicals as they are after all mushrooms (grown organically, they are medicinal), and of course many of the medicinal mushrooms are growing wild in various places all over the world. I came across www.wonderherb.com.au and I havent looked back as they also tout many amazing products made from the Ganoderma of which I embrace with great gusto and enthusiasm.

I have been using Ganoderma products for many years

Written by Fred Chappel
I have been using Ganoderma products for many years. A few years ago, after my bath, my wife Lois said "What is that awful smell. ?" and for 3 days after, I smelt like the cattle dip I had used many years before at a cattle tick research station. My body was detoxing it out of my system!
I also worked out side most of my 70 plus years and usually I wore shorts and short sleeve shirts. Since being on Ganoderma I have only had to have 1 sunspot removed. I have consumed almost all of the DXN products and now have darker hair than all my 5 younger siblings. I usually consume daily -1 pr GL & RG, 20 Spirulina (5 gms), 2 Potenzhi and 1 Vita cafe per day. I take 1 Andro G if I am going out to crowded shopping centres for my protection ! I do not take any prescribed medicines or flu injections. Thank you to Teena and Dr Lim for these products.

Don’t believe WHAT?

Written by Aubrey McLeod
During July 2009 I had the experience of having 13 teeth extracted under anaesthetic, the procedure taking 2 hours ! After regaining full consciousness I pondered at having no pain ? My gums were very tender if I put them together, but I NEVER suffered any of the pain that was expected. I was told to rinse my mouth regularly with a salt solution, instead I used Ganoderma Toothpaste disolved in water for the next two weeks before I my appointment with the Dental surgeon who performed the extractions.
I was told to get into the chair and open my mouth, in he went with his little mirror and light, then I heard the exclamation "I don't believe it" where upon I said in a qivering voice "Don't beleive what?" only to hear agaiin "I don't believe it", now getting a terrified feeling, I repeated "don't believe WHAT?". His reply stunned me, at the same time giving me a feeling of relief. His reply was - "They way I had to cut your gums, and cut and grind your teeth out, I expected your gums to still be in one hell of a mess, but they are almost healed !!"

It was not until today 9.6.2010 while at a Ganoderma meeting when someone else mentioned they experienced no pain after surgery, that the truth dawned on me, my no pain and quick healing was due to the fact that I was on Ganoderma and had been for at least 2 years prior to the surgery.

Almost immediately I noticed a difference in the pain

Written by Richard Hays
I was persuaded to try Ganoderma for painful joints. Almost immediately I noticed a difference in the pain. I could sit cross-legged without discomfort. I became complacent after taking the pills for 2 months and failed to re-order. I was well so I thought. Within 1 week I re-ordered! My joints were again extremely painful. I had forgotten what pain I had been in before I started now I have energy to burn. I have always looked great (of course !) but now with Ganoderma I also feel great. I am 56.

I had a thickening of the Endometrium (6.3mm)

Written by Mavis Lincoln
Immediately after being introduced to Ganoderma Lucidum it was discovered that I had a thickening of the Endometrium (6.3mm). My doctor advised further investigation as malignancy was considered a strong possibility. I declined but agreed to a further ultrasound after 3 months. The Endometrium is now a normal thickness of 3mm.

Marvellous Chinese herbs

Written by Eddie
I am 63yrs old and I have worked in the earthmoving, mining and construction industry for the past 45 years and believe me operating heavy machinery has taken its toll on my fitness and general health, not to mention blood pressure, the onset back and neck pain and being overweight.
In 1976 I sustained a severe right shoulder injury when tossed over a fence by a bull I incurred extensive soft tissue damage and over the years the doctors could only prescribe painkillers, mostly panadene forte I have been unable to sleep on my right side as numbness and pins-and-needles would give me constant pain. In mid 2003 when going to climb down a ladder into an excavation the ladder collapsed and I fell 18 feet to the bottom with one leg twisted in the ladder. Again after several x-rays there was no broken bones. Two separate doctors concluded I had sustained torn cartilage and soft tissue damage and was a prime candidate for a knee replacement. The only relief from pain was hot packs and massage lotions which would last 3 to 4 hours. My knee would give-way as soon as I put my weight on it I was first introduced to the products in late March/04. I rubbed the toothpaste on my aching knee after a shower one night and the next morning the pain had eased a lot and my knee did not collapse under my weight.

week later I started taking the capsules. After two days I asked my wife how long did it take for the products to work? She didn’t know, as she was still learning about these products. She asked why? Well I said "I hardly notice any pain in my knee.” I have been taking the ganoderma capsules now for 6 weeks and will not be without them everbecause of the tremendous relief.

It’s given me. I can now sleep on my right side very comfortably the toothpaste I am rubbing on the sunspots on my hands, upper arms and face the more recent ones are disappearing very quickly. I’m looking forward to my next medical check, which I have every 6 months. Maybe my blood pressure will be normal. To those of you who are operating heavy machinery or driving trucks and can relate to these conditions I have experienced you won’t know what these marvellous Chinese herbs can do for you till you try them.

I am so thrilled with this product …ganoderma

Written by Jeanie Hore
On Thursday Sandi & I went over to Hong Kong for the day. She had to renew her visa & I had to get some more gano products. I am so thrilled with this product ...ganoderma .....for those of U who know me will know that I have suffered for many years with ankle joint pain, which has not allowed me to do any extensive walking. Well it is hardly 2 mths since I started taking the tablets & already I can walk for any length of time & not have any pain. I have really put this to the test & you cannot believe how much this changes my life style. A full day at school with 5 lessons, no big deal at all now. They also give U a lot more energy & I sleep really well. For a long time prior to taking the tablets I always had very restless nights.

Mercury toxicity which affected my whole body

Written by Maxine Smith
I had mercury toxicity which affected my whole body, kidneys, ears, eyes, brain. Also artery problems. When I started on the Ganoderma I had an initial increase in energy and better temperament, but a shocking shortness of breath after 3 weeks. I maintained on 3 pairs a day until it passed. Now I have no more mercury toxicity, my teeth are improving, my vision, hearing and breathing are all better.

I am pain-free

Written by Beverly Paul
I was introduced to Ganoderma 3 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with a disease 3 years ago, causing bone deformity and pain. I was taking so many painkillers my skin broke out with rashes. My doctor said I would need injections to control the pain. Since I began taking the capsules I am starting to hope, as my back- pain and leg-pain have disappeared, in fact I am pain-free! I can hardly believe it.

I have been using Ganoderma capsules for fifteen months

Written by Marie Barrett
I have been using Ganoderma capsules for fifteen months. During that time I have enjoyed increased energy levels and clearer thinking. Vastly improved immune system, and now my hair is growing to its natural colour (silver disappearing). I do not use the shampoo, however, I do use the Ganoderma toothpaste for teeth and gums as well as cleaning a mild bout of tinea (athletes foot).

Thanks to Ganoderma for helping me over come my blood sugar level problem

Written by Barry Beetham
Thanks to Ganoderma for helping me over come my blood sugar level problem, which I had is now gone. Thank you – you're doing something great in helping others to wellness.

I was born with a mild disorder of the central nervous system

Written by Selwyn Montgomery
I was born with a mild disorder of the central nervous system from the waist down. At the age of 49, I had an operation to straighten my legs. 10 months after that operation I still had a lot of difficulty walking and I had to use a walking stick. I then heard about Ganoderma and started taking 6 pairs a day because of my condition. About 10 days after starting, I felt something liken to electric currents or pulses on each side of the top of my brain which lasted about 24 hours. It was a very unusual feeling, but there was no pain. Realising that Ganoderma could be doing something, I then started to take 10 pairs per day. Very soon after I began walking without aid. I actually threw away my walking stick !

I suffered with high cholesterol

Written by Colin McGillivray - Auckland NZ
I suffered with high cholesterol, over 10, and blood pressure problems. Since I started on Ganoderma in July 2004, I now have normal blood-pressure and my cholesterol is below 5. I had battled for years to lower my cholesterol count. I also had restless legs which is now gone.